My husband & I began working with Linda when we were at our wits end with our two year son.

From when he was 18mths, hiss sleep began to deteriorate to a point where he refused to sleep in his cot so we had to move him into a bed. From here he developed bad habits, like one of us having to stay in the room with him until he fell asleep (which could take 20mins to 1.5hrs) to 2/3 wake up a night.

We were thrilled when Linda was recommended to me and we began our outstanding sleep training from there.

From the moment we made contact with Linda, she was so open & helpful. She put us right at ease, without any judgement of our current sleep habits.

The sleep training plan she developed took our whole family dynamic into consideration, and it didn’t include the cry it out technique(much to our relief). It included simple changes that we hadn’t previously considered like introducing an earlier bedtime etc.

We immediately saw improvements in our son, and now at the end of our three weeks he goes straight to sleep himself.

As a result, he is much more happy & content throughout the day as commented on by our childminder & other family members. It also improved our night times and allows my husband & I spend some quality one on one time with our older daughter.

Throughout our journey, Linda was incredible. She checked in daily around our progress, suggesting changes if/when necessary.  She was beyond supportive and we can’t thank her enough for that.

We would highly recommend Linda, and if ever needed we’d have no hesitation returning to her.

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