Does your child struggle to fall asleep independently?wake up multiple times at night?take inconsistent and short naps?

Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury. With our one to one support, teach your child to sleep well so everyone in the family can get the rest they deserve.

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Exhausted? Struggling to balance a busy life on very little sleep? Let us help.

The Sweetest Sleeper is committed to helping you and your family get the sleep you need. Our sleep services are customised to cater for your family's needs and preferences.
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How can sleep training help my baby? Will my child and my family benefit from sleep training?

These are naturally very common questions to ask. Please take a moment to consider the following scenarios. If you find you can relate to one or more of these questions, then I know I can help.
  • Does your child only fall asleep when nursing or bottle feeding?
  • Are your child’s naps short in length or inconsistent?
  • Does your child need a pacifier or soother to fall asleep?
  • Is your child waking up once or more during the night and often staying awake for long periods of time?
  • Does your child need to be rocked, bounced or taken on a car or stroller ride to fall asleep?
  • Does your child require specific conditions to fall asleep e.g. parental presence?
  • Is your own lack of sleep starting to impact you and your family?
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Customised Plans

We are flexible and customise our sleep plans to meet your family’s needs.

Prompt Support

Offering unlimited and one to one support to all our families.


A certified and experienced pediatric sleep consultant with a passion for supporting families.

Thorough Assessment

Determining why your child can't sleep well, routines and sleeping habits.

Hi, My name is Linda! - Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant.

I am the founder of The Sweetest Sleeper and certified sleep consultant. I am a mum of two and have a passion for educating and assisting parents in teaching their children healthy sleep habits.
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Learn how sleep training your child
benefits you and your family.

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What our clients say is important to us

Marian, Helen and Maria among many others have used our Pediatric Sleep Consultancy Services.

What type of personalised support is offered during the training?

A one-hour consultation prior to beginning the plan and follow up support throughout the plan via email, scheduled calls and WhatsApp messenger. In-person support is available depending on location.

Where are the services based?

Services are offered online at the moment due to Covid-19 and therefore available worldwide.

Will I need to leave my child to cry?

No. You will not be asked to leave your child alone to cry themselves to sleep. Parents will support and respond to their child throughout the sleep training programme.

Will I need to be at home to do the sleep training?

While children thrive on routine and consistency, the plans are personlised and will reflect the needs of the family and their schedule.

Do the services provide training for babies with reflux?

Yes, so long as parents have notified their care provider about the reflux and have been advised on the best care.

Do you offer sleep training for newborn babies?

Yes. We offer The Newborn Support Sweetest Sleeper Package. This is designed to support parents of newborns in laying the foundations for healthy sleep from an early age.

Is sleep training suitable for breastfed babies?

Yes, absolutely. Breastfed babies are capable of sleeping well too. Our sleep plans ensure breastfeeding can continue for as long as parents want.

My baby sleeps well once asleep but can’t sleep without me being there. Can you help?

Yes. Our sleep training plans address issues with sleep quality and duration, as well as sleep habits around falling asleep and self-settling.

How long will the sleep training take?

This varies from child to child. Bedtime tends to improve quite early on, whereas night wakings can take a little longer. Three weeks of support is offered for this reason.

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