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Will my child cry a lot during sleep training?

It is understandable to want to know how much crying to expect. So, here is our answer on crying: People often associate sleep training with just letting your baby ‘cry it out’ – an approach where babies are left alone crying until they fall asleep. This is NOT our method. You will not be asked to leave your child alone for extended periods of time to cry themselves to sleep.

To improve your child’s ability to sleep well, we will likely need to address their schedule and habits around falling asleep to be able to meet their sleep needs and create new positive and independent ways of falling asleep. Doing so involves making changes to what your child is currently used to, and this can be met with some protest. Fortunately, we provide parents with gentle strategies and techniques to help your child adapt to changes with as much ease as possible, allowing parents to be as present as they wish.

Acquiring independent sleep skills is truly a learning process and takes time. With the right amount of care and support, your baby will learn independent sleep habits that ensure a lifetime of healthy and restorative sleep.


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